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Smart Bulb (multi colours. Phone controlled via Bluetooth Inbox me for the vide

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Smart Bulb (multi colours. Phone controlled via Bluetooth Inbox me for the vide
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Details & Specifications

Brand: LED


Smart Bulb(10W)- Multi colours Controlled by your phone via Bluetooth
Call/Inbox: 0708068636/0789144116.

WiFi+BT+2.4G bulb (Surplife APP) feature introduction:
1. High -quality WiFi+BT smart light bulb, can be connected to WiFi and can be connected to Bluetooth
2. Timing function, timing switch, delayed switch, timing or delayed lighting and execution of a certain color light, etc.
3. Mobile APP control operation, one pair of multiple controls, one set of control multiple devices, can be controlled in group control
4. RGB full color (16 million color adjustment)+CCT color temperature (2700K-6500K) brightness adjustment
5. DIY save specified color or color temperature
6. Can set up different rooms for lamps
7. The lamps have a built -in 24 types of scene mode, which can be applied with one -click use scenario mode
8. You can create a scene to set the static or dynamic effect you want for the lamp
9. Microphone and music functions, the color of light can change with the sound of music, theater and other sounds. You can change with the selected scene
10. You can control the device through the desktop part, you can customize your favorite background
11. Sunrise and sunset functions, lamps realize the sunset with the local time with local time
12. Smart go home, intelligent departure function, one -click settings return to the APP positioning location to turn on the
light, leave the APP positioning location to turn off the lights or other lamps status
13. You can share the use of lamps with other user accounts, or you can share the QR code for other users to join the home use lamps
14. Voice control: (support Amazon Alexa, Google, Yandex Alice, Tmall Elf and other voice equipment)
*_Product parameters (USA 10W version_ ):*
1. Control principle: wifi+BT+2.4G
2. APP software type: Surplife
3. Mobile version requirements: Android 4.0/iOS9.0
4. Channel: 5 (RGB+CCT)
5. Watshule: 9W (United States); 10W (Europe)
6. Power factor: 0.6
7. Bright: 800LM
8. Lighting angle: 120
9. Color temperature: 2700K-6500K
10. Number of lamp beads: R/G/B: 2835-1W*3, WW: 2835-1W*6, CW: 2835-1W*6
11. Work voltage: 100-130VAC (United States);190-240VAC (Europe), 50/60Hz
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